Four Styles of BBQ in Texas

Bella’s International Kitchen is home to KC’s Biscuits and BBQ, the most authentic southern BBQ in the pacific northwest. It isn’t a secret that their “cat head” biscuits are some of the truest to tradition, by using imported flour, directly from the south. 

So what makes KC Biscuits and BBQ so different from your standard, everyday BBQ, and furthermore, what is true southern BBQ? KC Biscuits and BBQ uses traditional woodfire methods of bbqing. These methods are traced back to the very early days of barbeque, back when German and Czech settlers came to the United States. Even today, there are cities in Texas, such as Fredericksburg, that keep their heavy german influence. 

Central Texas includes a very simple dry rub, usually just a simple combination of salt and pepper.

The meat is smoked for many hours at low temperatures, typically over mesquite, pecan, or oak wood, very similar to how KC’s Biscuits and BBQ does theirs.

With East Texas BBQ, it also involves the same slow smoking via indirect heat, but theirs is more known for the “falling off of the bone” quality. In addition it is almost always smoked over hickory wood. Because of these factors, this style of BBQ is great for pulled pork sandwiches. 

With Southern Texas BBQ, they use a molasses based sweet sauce that keeps in the moisture of the meat. South Texas barbecue is heavily intertwined with Mexican cuisine, and it is regionally known as barbacoa.

With West Texas style BBQ, it is traditionally cooked over the direct heat of an open flame instead of being smoked. West Texas Barbeque is the most similar to standard grilling. 

We hope to see you soon at KC’s Biscuits and BBQ, where you can find true authenticity right here in Kennewick, Washington! 

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