KC’s Biscuits & BBQ

A new place to enjoy true southern BBQ has opened up in the tri cities, however it comes with a twist, a food truck.

“The main thing that sets us apart from other BBQ restaurants is that we always do things the slow way and original way,” said KC Biscuits and BBQ’s owner, Charlotte Williams. She continued by saying “we don’t use any electric, ‘hurry up and get it done’ types of technology, we do it the low and slow way it’s been done since the beginning of barbeque.” Originally, they wanted to start this business as a sit down brick and mortar type establishment, however after having the opportunity of running one themselves, they knew that this simply wasn’t for them. This encouraged them to start looking into the idea of getting a food truck or trailer. That way they could go to the highest number of customers, instead of limiting the amount of people who could come to their business.

Charlotte continues by saying that she recognized that in the pacific northwest, we don’t have many places where you can get a quality buttermilk biscuit like you can in the south. Their biscuits are made with flour from the south, which completely changes the flavor to give it true authenticity. Charlotte explains that they tried following the recipe with normal local flour, however, something just felt like it was missing. This is when they started to import flour directly from the south, and everything changed for the better. As for the barbeque side of the business, they saw many others make similar styles, but as she stated earlier, it was the “quick way” of making barbeque instead of the Texas style barbeque they take pride in.

Charlotte states they knew that they didn’t want a truck, because trucks can take up a lot of valuable space with the engine, motor etc. So they met with the owners of Western Food Trucks and Trailers, Charlotte and her team introduced them to their southern style biscuits, and from there they fell in love with their food. So her business went on to buy a brand new trailer so that they could have as much space as possible. For now they have a simple exterior, but in the future they have plans to have it wrapped to make it look like it’s on fire. 

When I asked Charlotte where she sees KC’s Biscuits and BBQ in five years, she says that she hops that they will have two trailers by then, that way they can have one more stationary and the other to travel to businesses such as Lamb Weston so they can arrive just in time for their lunch breaks. When you find yourself craving some delicious authentic barbeque, you absolutely have to come down to 7425 west clearwater ave and taste the difference for yourself. It will truly shock you just like it has with all of their current loyal customers. They are opened for breakfast through lunch, but come fast, as they sell out of their biscuits by morning!